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LazStats Material

Many of the features of LazStats are shared with the OpenStat package. The advantage of LazStats is that it is available not only for the Windows operating systems but is available for the Linux systems and Mac OSX system. If you are a Windows user and would like to try LazStats then click the link below to download the INNO setup for LazStats. Linux users should know this program was compiled using the Lazarus program on the Fedora version of Linux. When I attempted to use Ubuntu, none of the menues would show on Lazarus or the LazStats program itself. Users of the free WINE program should be able to run either OpenStat or LazStats (Windows versions) on a Linux system or MacIntosh OSX system.  Ubuntu users may need to download ia32-libs if using the 64bit version of Ubuntu.

NEW!  I have added two new files for the Fedora Linux system:  FedoraLazStats.tar.gz and FedoralLazStatsSource.tar.gz.  The first contains the executable LazStats program which, if placed on the Fedora Desktop folder can be executed directly by double clicking the icon for it.  This file also contains the HTML help files (PDF files that use your browser) and a library of sample .LAZ files.  The second file contains the Lazarus Pascal source files should you wish to recompile it yourself (Lazarus may be downloaded free from its own site.)  This version is the same as the Windows version.  It may also work on other Linux platforms (which I don't have.)  I would really like feedback on this version for any discovered bugs or limitations.  It was compiled on a 64 bit portable computer that originally had Windows 8.1 (which I found terrible compared to the Fedora Linux platform.)

LazStats Material:



LazStatsWinSetup.exe This is an INNO setup file for the Windows program. (All associated files updated Sept. 5, 2013)

Users Manual for LazStats.pdf













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