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Central tendancy, variability




Normality Tests

X vs Y Plot

Group (integer) Frequency Chart

Repeated Measures Bubble Plot

QQ or PP Plot

Smooth Data by Averaging

Compare Two Distributions

Compare Observed to Theoretical Distributions

Three Dimensional Rotation

Box Plots

X versus Multiple Y Plot

Stem and Leaf Plot

Multiple Group X versus Y Plot

Resistant Line Analysis


Single Sample Tests

Test of Two Proportions

Test of Two Correlations

Test of Two Means

Binary Receiver Operating Characteristics

Analysis of Variance

One, Two or Three Way ANOVA

Two or Three Way ANOVA with One Case Per Cell

Treatment by Subject and Hoyt Reliability

One Within Subjects, One Between Subjects

One Within Subjects, Two Between Subjects

Two Within Subjects

Factor B Nested in Factor A

ABC Nested with B Nested in A

Analysis of Covariance

Latin Square Designs

Multivariate Analysis of Variance

Sums of Squares by Regression


Product-Moment Correlations

Partial and Semi-partial Correlations

Auto correlations

Multiple Regression

Block Entry Multiple Regression

Stepwise Forward Multiple Regression

Stepwise Backward Multiple Regression

Simultaneous Multiple Regression

Best Fit Multiple Regression

Cox Regression

Weighted Least Squares MR

Non-linear Multiple Regression

Binary Logistic Regression

2 Stage Least Squares Regression

Interrupted Time Series Analysis


Principal Components and Factor Analysis

Discriminant Function and MANOVA

Path Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (Veldman)

Single Link Cluster Analysis

Average Link Cluster Analysis

K Means Cluster Analysis

Sum of Squares by Regression

Canonical Correlation

Classification Log Linear


AxB Log Linear

AxBxC Log Linear

Bartlett Test of Sphericity

Correspondence Analysis

Median Polishing Analysis

Non Parametric

Combinations and Permutations

Binomial Probabilities

Fisher's Exact Test

Runs Test

Chi-Square Analysis

Wilcoxon Matched Pairs Signed Ranks Test

Kruskal - Wallis Test

Friedman Test

Kendall's Tau Test

Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance

Sign Test

Mann-Whitney U Test

Q Test

Spearman Rank Correlation

Kaplan-Meier Survival Test

Sen's Slope Estimate (Series Data)

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test

Kappa and Weighted Kappa

Generalized Kappa

RIDIT Analysis


Classical Item Analysis and Reliability

Hoyt and Cronbach Reliability

Kuder-Richardson #21 Reliability

Composite Test Reliability

Spearman-Brown Prophecy

Rasch One Parameter Logistic Scaling

Three Parameter Logistic Scaling

Guttman Scaling

Successive Interval Scaling

Differential Item Functioning

Reliability Adjusted for Variance

Classification Reliability

Generalized Unfolding Model


Item Banking System

Enter / Edit Items

Specify a Test to Administer

Generate a Test

Generate Test Item Scores

Matrix Manipulation

Statistical Process Control

XBAR Chart

Sigma Chart

Range Chart

p Chart


c Chart

U Chart


Loan Amortization Schedule

Sum of Years Digits Depreciation

Internal Rate of Return

Present Value

Period Payment


No. of Periods

Net Present Value

Interest Rate

Interest Payment

Future Value

Double Declining Value

Neural Network

Linear Programming (SIMPLEX)


Theoretical Distributions

Generate Sequential Values

Generate a Multivariate Distribution

Generate One of Six Theoretical Distributions

Generate Incremented Values

Simulate a Two-Way ANOVA

Simulate a Product-Moment Correlation

Generate an Evaluation Report

Power Curves for Hypotheses

Plot a z Distribution

Plot a Chisquare Distribution

Plot an F Distribution

Sample Size for a z Test

Resampling and Bootstrap Demo

Generate Probabilities

Studentized q

F Statistic

Chi Square Table



Normal z Functions


Picture Viewer


Word Processor

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