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Last Version December 8, 2014

Recent Additions:

Under the Analyses - Descriptive options there is now a procedure to plot the sorted values of a single variable.  Under the Simulations menu there is a procedure to obtain the tolerance intervals as well as confidence intervals of a variable.

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OpenStat Material

For a brief view of OpenStat, click here: OpenStat_Features.htm

For a partial list of research published using OpenStat, click here:


OpenStat contains a large variety of parametric, nonparametric, multivariate, measurement, statistical process control, financial and other procedures. One can also simulate a variety of data for tests, theoretical distributions, multivariate data, etc. You will want to explore all of these options once you acquire the program! For a complete list of all analyses, click hear:


Note!  OpenStat runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Virtual XP (in Windows 7) or older versions of Windows. If you are using Linux or MacIntosh OSX, you can download the free WINE software and run OpenStat with WINE.  If you were unfortunate to have installed Windows 10, you will find you have to pay a large amount for installation of a .hlp file reader.  To avoid this, I suggest  you download the OpenStatManual file which is a Microsoft doc file containing directions for use of OpenStat.  You can  keep it open while using OpenStat if you need a reference for use of OpenStat.  Just click on OpenStatManual.

OpenStatSetup.exe This is an INNO setup file for the program. (Last update June. 13, 2014)   A .zip file of sample data files for OpenStat. (Last updated July 5, 2013)  A separate .zip file of the help files which can be accessed via the F1 key in OpenStat.  These files should already be a part of your setup but if, for some reason they are not, you can download this file and unzip it to the same location on your disk where you stored the OpenStat program.

For Teachers and Students:

Springer US has published both softcover and ebooks of the "Statistics and Measurement Concepts with Openstat"  as well as the "OpenStat Reference Manual" in 2013.  In addition, you can download the original full setup program from .  If you are a teacher in the United States and would like a copy of each book, I have a few left to distibute.  Let me know if interested.

For the soft cover Openstat Reference Manual visit the following site: (ISBN 978-1-4614-5739-8   price: $59.95)

For the ebook OpenStat Reference Manual visit the following site: (ISBN 978-1-4614-5740-4   price: $39.95)

For the soft cover Statistics and Measurement Concepts with OpenStat visit: (ISBN 978-1-4614-5742-8   price: $49.95)

For the ebook Statistics and Measurement Concepts with OpenStat visit: (ISBN 978-1-4614-5743-5   price: $39.95)

For the full program setup as well as other extras visit :


For a Windows Media Video tutorial on the use of OpenStat to create a file and do several analyses, click here:

For aWindows Media Video  tutorial on importing Excel file data into OpenStat, click here:

For a Windows Media Video Tutorial on multiple regresssion analysis with OpenStat, click here:

For a Windows Media Video Tutorial on creating a professional-looking output document in OpenStat, click here:

For a  MicroSoft Power Point presentation on the relationship of Analysis of Variance to Multiple Regression, click here:

For a Windows Media Video on the use of Simulation procedures in OpenStat, click here:

For a Power Point presentation on the use of the Select Cases in OpenStat, click here:

For a Power  Point presentation on the use of the Edit options for converting string group codes to integer group codes and the Recode option, click here:

For a Power Point presentation on degrees of freedom and how correlation and multiple regression are affected, click here: DegreesOfFreedom.ppt

If you want to learn more basic mathematics and statistics, I recommend the following site:

You may also want to search for free statistics programs with you favorite internet search engine. I suggest examining two sites in particular:

a. which is the site created by John Pezzullo.

b.  which is Gene Shackman's site for the social sciences.

For questions, you may call me at (515) 865-7518

If you are having a problem and can't figure it out by reading the tutorials, attach the file to an email that explains the analysis your were attempting and send it to me at:














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